Photograph by Stephanie Tonietto

Photograph by Stephanie Tonietto


Bram Gielen is a composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist living in Toronto. 

On the heels of a childhood and adolescence studying classical piano and playing in a ton of weird bands, he went on to study the double bass at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, graduating in 2008.

He has scored several advertisements and promotional videos, and his film music has been heard at international festivals in Cannes, Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Austin, and Seattle. As an instrumentalist and arranger, he has performed and collaborated with a wide array of artists, including DIANA, The Mountain Goats, Allie X, Weaves, John Southworth, Patricia O'Callaghan, and the Queer Songbook Orchestra, to name only a very few. His work for the theatre includes the Dora Award-winning Brantwood (2015, book by Julie Tepperman and Mitchell Cushman, music co-composed with Anika and Britta Johnson); The Public House of Molly Macaulay (2016, book by Erin Shields); and Biggish Kids (2010).



The Mountain Goats - In League with Dragons (2019) - Guitar, piano, synthesizer

Allie X - Super Sunset (Analog Version) (2018) - Bass synthesizer

Joseph Shabason - Anne (2018) - Bass, piano

Bram Gielen - Greetings (2018) - Bass guitar, double bass, guitar, piano, synthesizer

Joseph Shabason - Aytche (2017) - Fretless bass

DIANA - Familiar Touch (2016) - Bass, synthesizer, piano

Weaves - [self-titled] (2016) - Synthesizer, organ                                                                                       (Juno award nomination, Best Alternative Album; Polaris Prize 2017 shortlist)

Ben Gunning - Massive Love (2015) - Bass, synthesizer

Thomas - When I'm Weak I'm Strong (2014) - Bass

DIANA - Perpetual Surrender (2013) - Bass                                                                                              (Polaris Prize 2014 longlist)